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1. These Terms and Conditions of Business shall govern the legally binding contract between the parties.

2. The Terms and Conditions of Business are between Hyde Park International or any of its divisions (hereinafter called "the Company") and the client or employer (hereinafter called "the Client") and shall be treated as having been accepted by the Client if accepted in writing or by virtue of an interview or engagement of a candidate introduced by the Company (the term engagement includes the offer of employment accepted by a candidate or the actual employment of a candidate). The term "staff," "candidate," or "employee" hereinafter means person(s) introduced by the Company.

3. The Client agrees to pay the Company's fee within fourteen days of invoice date (UK placements) or, in the case of overseas placements, within twenty one days, or before the staff leave the United Kingdom, whichever is the sooner.

4. The fee is for the introduction of staff to whom the Client chooses to offer employment, and which offer of employment is accepted. The Company does not employ the staff introduced. The Client is responsible for the deduction of appropriate taxes and National Insurance contributions. If an engagement is terminated because the Client fails to comply with tax legislation and N.I.C., no refunds, credit or replacement of staff will be granted. The fee does not include any salary payable to the employee.

5. The fee charged for the introduction of any employee is applicable to one engagement only. If the Client should re-engage a staff member (whether on a permanent or temporary engagement) within twelve months of termination of employment, a further fee will be charged, and the Company must be notified immediately of any such arrangement.

6. Clients retaining the services of staff, even should such staff be considered by the Client to be unsatisfactory, will be liable for the fee in full for the period the staff are retained.

7. Any details about a prospective candidate or employee supplied by the Company to the Client are confidential as between the Company and the Client. Should the Client pass details concerning a prospective candidate or employee (who was originally introduced by the Company) to other prospective employers, the Client will be liable for a fee, calculated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions should an engagement (whether temporary or permanent) result.

8. (a) The Company will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that candidates
introduced have a high standard of integrity and reliability, and that they meet the Client's requirements as notified to the Company, but it is the Client's
responsibility to satisfy him/herself with regard to the suitability of any candidates for any position. The Company will not be liable for any loss, expense, damage or delay, however occasioned resulting from any such introduction save (and only in so far as) death or personal injury is caused directly as a result of the negligence of the Company. The Company strongly recommends that the Client arranges suitable insurance to cover any potential loss or damage. The decision as to the suitability of the candidate is that of the Client and whilst the Company may take up references in respect of an applicant it is for the Client to decide what reliance can be placed thereon. The attention of Clients is drawn to the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 which relieves persons of any obligation to disclose details of some convictions for criminal offences.
(b) The final decision to engage a candidate is the responsibility of the Client only. The Company does not give any warranty concerning the history, character, age, capability, medical history, medical fitness, availability or suitability of any candidate introduced by the Company. The Client must satisfy him/herself in these respects.
(c) The Company cannot under any circumstances accept responsibility for the acts and/or omissions of staff introduced, or for any loss, expense or damage arising for any reason therefrom.

9. If a client should cancel the services of any category of staff after agreeing to employ him/her (either verbally or in writing) and before commencement of duties, half the full fee or £150.00 (whichever is greater) will be charged.

10. The Client agrees to notify the Company immediately a candidate has been offered employment (either verbally or in writing) and the candidate has subsequently accepted the offer (either verbally or in writing). There is a confirmation of employment form enclosed for this purpose.

11. It is customary but not obligatory for the Client to reimburse candidates' reasonable travel expenses to the interview.

12. Specific advertising placed only at the Client's request will be charged at cost. Written confirmation from the Client will be required prior to booking an
advertisement placed on behalf of the Client.

13. Registration Form
(a) It is the Client's responsibility to make any necessary amendments to the registration form enclosed herewith. No Verbal alterations can be accepted by the Company. If the Client wishes to amend any details regarding the job specification, such amendment/s will be accepted by the Company only if made in writing and received by the Company prior to an offer of employment by the Client to staff.
(b) There is a deposit of £25.00 on each new vacancy registered with the Company in the United Kingdom. This fee will be automatically debited from the Client's credit or charge card. If the Client does not have a card which is accepted by the Company, the Client agrees to send a cheque for £25.00 drawn on a bank account within the United Kingdom, made out to Hyde Park International.
(c) The £25.00 deposit will be deducted from the final fee total when the Client
engages a member of staff.
(d) If the Client withdraws the vacancy prior to employing staff, the deposit will
be retained by the Company to cover administration costs.
(e) When a candidate is engaged by the Client and only when the Client has been advised of the fee total, the Company will debit the Client's credit or charge card unless the Client has indicated otherwise on the registration form.
(f) The Client agrees that no candidate/s can be introduced or interviewed until the Company is in receipt of the Client's completed and signed registration form.

14. Facsimile and Telephone Calls
(a) Facsimile transmissions and receptions to and from the Client will be charged at cost. The Company's facsimile machine is in operation 24 hours every day of the year to help those Clients outside the British Time Zone who may prefer to communicate with the company at their convenience. The number for the Company's facsimile is 0044 1962 867062.
(b) Telephone calls made by the Company to the Client outside Great Britain will be on a collect call (transfer charge) basis, except to countries where this facility is not available, in which case calls from the Company will be charged at cost to the Client on AD&C (advice of duration and charge) basis.
(c) Telephone calls made by the Company to the Client within Great Britain will
not be charged to the Client.

15.(a) All the Company's correspondence is sent by first class Royal Mail (or air mail outside the United Kingdom) free of charge.
(b) Special 24 hour courier services or express delivery requested by the Client will be charged at cost.


16.(a) The Company's commission fee is for professional services in connection with the introduction of candidates, and is only charged if the Client subsequently chooses to offer employment (either verbally or in writing) to a candidate, and which offer of employment is accepted by the candidate (either verbally or in writing) subject only to clause 7 above.
(b) In the case of re-engagement of any staff member within 12 months of the termination of the employment, or the extension of the placement of temporary staff beyond the booking period, a further fee will be charged as if the re-engagement were the first introduction by the Company. (c) Should the Company cancel an engagement (otherwisethan by reason of any breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Client) the commission fee will be repaid in full to the Client.


17. Permanent Staff
On placements following instructions to introduce PERMANENT staff (i.e. those offered a position for a period of twelve months or over), fees are calculated as a percentage of the staff's first year's gross salary offered by the Client (gross salary includes all emoluments and perquisites).
(a) NANNIES: 10%

18. Temporary Staff
On placements following instructions for staff to be engaged for a specific period under twelve months, fees are as follows:
(a) ALL STAFF TYPES (EXCEPT MATERNITY NURSES): £65.00 for the first week or part thereof and £60.00 per week or part thereof thereafter.
(b) MATERNITY NURSES: £65.00 per week for the first four weeks or part
thereof and £60.00 per week or part thereof thereafter.
(c) Please note: Invoices for temporary placements will include fees for the entire duration of the booking period, and cannot be settled on a week-by-week basis. In the event that a placement extends beyond the booking period, a further invoice will be rendered to cover the fee for such extended period.

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